A new set of keys…

It was 11pm by the time we got through immigration and found our bags, and the moment we stepped outside it was unorganized chaos with people dropping off, picking up and just parked and waiting…  Driving along the highway and trying not to nod off, we passed clusters of buildings covered with little windows, the odd temple, and billboards both plain and ones that flashed vivid colours of the rainbow.

We walked into our temporary home and were given instructions about where to dispose garbage and how to work the humidifier in hand gestures, which is a common way of communicating for us in Xindian… It’s a very small room, but okay for our first month and although it’s old on the outside they keep it quite clean and new on the inside…  So here we are, I have received my new set of keys to temporarily replace the old ones and I realize we’re here and I am tired…  -_- zzz

I have never been to Asia, so for me it is very different; although there are times when it seems like I am in Richmond, but on a bigger scale with amazing food > . < 

My first meal is at 7-11, which some people might think is extremely odd, but others know and will agree that it’s pretty darn amazing and available at all hours!
After I finish my coffee and bowl of congee we decide to explore…  My first few days I get extremely dizzy and light headed getting used to the diesel smell and the odd odours of sewage that come about…  The sidewalks are narrow, so narrow that most of the time we end up having to walk on the street and avoid scooters from hitting us…

There are food vendors lurking in many corners and alleys and I have no idea what I am ordering, but damn it tastes pretty good!
^.^ we make our way to the suspension bridge in Bitan…  It reminds me of our sea wall… music plays, people relax and eat or fish by the water.. 

walking across the bridge we come across a temple and holy tolito! I need to exercise more as walking up the hill is tiring me out @_@;;; It’s not until later that I realize I didn’t have to walk up that huge hill (-__-);; there were stairs right up front!!!  Ah well…  The temple smells of incense..  There are ladies chatting and laughing.. and overlooking the balcony we view the city, the bridge and couples in the water boats… It’s peaceful…


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