A supported journey… 2015 in a nutshell.

 For as long as I remember when growing up, I was never good at team sports and never played sports throughout high school. It wasn’t until university that I started registering for races and in the last two – three years, I soon began to really love and lose myself in both yoga and running.

This last year I had pushed myself above and beyond.  Each race was memorable and while the year had its’ ups and downs, it made me even more excited and want to focus on what races I want to sign up for  during 2016.

While there were a few runs that I had completed on my own, I have to say, when training with a group or having a running buddy, it really does make a difference in keeping you going.  Whether it be thru words of encouragement or inspiration, you’re there to push one another.

 When I had completed my first  half marathon in 2013, I remember having been in so much pain with my knee that I struggled to the finish.  I was a bit disappointed that it had happened and felt envious of the runners that were finishing together holding hands or meeting each other in the end.  I never had someone there, and while it shouldn’t matter, I really wish I did.  During my second half marathon, I remember crying out of joy… Being greeted by my friend, who had finished before me, walk towards me with a frozen power bar and give me a big hug because we had accomplished a great feat together.  At that moment, I felt so proud of myself and knew I had to keep pushing myself to go further.

This year I had accomplished and did more races than I thought I could handle.  I altered the way I run, took care of my body by listening and pulled back when I had to.  I also had the pleasure of meeting some fantastic new running buddies during some races along the way.

In the last three races this year, oddly enough, all of them were in Stanley park and with different friends.  I saw the park thru a crisp sunny day, frosted and down  pouring with massive winds.  We smiled, we celebrated, we laughed and we dined after every race.  This year has definitely been an amazing  journey for me and I am definitely looking forward to seeing what the new year has to offer.


Moustache Miler
Vancouver Historic Half – Heart of Hope
Vancouver Santa Shuffle
Stanley Park



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