Who is this Wallflower…

She’s a runner and yogi…  always learning from family, friends and strangers everyday to become a better person.  Striving to challenge herself by going further and pushing her body to it’s fullest.

She’s a lover of travelling… always exploring, getting lost in unfamiliar spaces, and breathing in the foreign cultures and languages.

She’s a reader and at times, an artist… Taking in history and love stories that make her a dreamer and belting out songs and art that are full of emotion, love and passion.

She has a soft spot for food and craft beers… Always searching for that delicious morsel of goodness that, in the moment, make her so happy.  Socializing over the perfect beer in a setting that is full of laughter, good times and friendship.

She’s not your typical wallflower… She’s an introvert when you first meet.  She observes and listens to the conversation around her but, after that first meet… She blooms and becomes the friend, the comforter, the motivator, the Sister, the Aunt and Daughter that will always be there when you need her.

She’s a Vancouver girl through and through, dancing in the rain.  Always growing and always moving forward.