An event even a Queen couldn’t miss…

So today I woke up and decided I was going to venture to the UK… well, the UK in Taiwan festival that is, HA! >_<  The event was held in Huashan Creative Park, another one of my favourite spaces to visit in Taipei.  The park, initially a brewery, has long since been re-created and transformed into another historical gem in Taiwan. It is definitely a great place to celebrate the arts and culture in the community!

The event was quite easy to find, as we just followed the melody of the Proclaimers and the bobbing little British flag hats in the crowd…   The good ole’ Union Jack was worn by many people young and old, even a few dogs!  Of course, if you weren’t adorned with the patriotic British colours, you were able to purchase some great souvenirs at some of the kiosks there.  If you didn’t get to eat, there was plenty of food vendors selling delicious pies and quiche!  I was a little disappointed that there were no bangers and mash, but I was still able to enjoy a Pimm’s with lemonade and a jumbo sausage roll! (>_<)  It was definitely a great event to take part in… Even a Queen arrived for the occasion, although I think she might’ve forgotten her fancy shoes at home as she kept her feet toasty warm with what looked like a pair of UGG’s… Interesting. (o_O);

After our snack and drink, we decided to take a stroll through the factory buildings that now sell teas, soaps and other cute gifts… One of the things I love most about Taiwan, is how they have taken many of these old factories and have restored them into these amazing art spaces.  What is a change from the modern cityscapes, these older structures are an architectural eye candy that many can sit and enjoy from the inside out.  It’s places like these where one can take in the fresh air, find a good bench and just read a great book for an hour or two…  I am looking forward to my next visit already…

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2 thoughts on “An event even a Queen couldn’t miss…

  1. Hi Ron,Day one and two look like no problem. Except that the National Palace Museum is aelusotbly HUMONGOUS, and a few days could be spent wandering around it, if you really like museums. Day two is easy if you have your own transportation, a bit more difficult if you’re trying to do it on public transport.Day three is impossible. The drive from Taichung to Taroko takes an entire day, each way. The drive from Taichung HSR to Sun Moon Lake can be as short as 1.5 hours, but in traffic (You’ll be here during Chinese New Year) it can take 4 hours. Sun Moon Lake can be enjoyed in a day or two though.Day four is possible, but if you have nice weather, you may just want to stay at Sun Moon Lake a little longer. Maybe do your shopping at Shilin Night Market on the first day.I hope that helps! And I hope you have lots of fun!Cheers,-Neil

  2. RonichiHi Neil!I am sooo happy to have come across your site just today!I’m going on 23-26 January 2012 and am now exectid!Was just wondering if you would have posts on Chinese New Year festivities/ sights and go-tos (like perhaps parades)? Would be great to experience some traditional CNY activities.Our itinerary is as follows, nothing is final yet though.. =D1st DayTaipei Discovery Museum (inside of Taipei City Hall)Dr. Sun Yat-set Memorial HallNational Palace MuseumTaipei 101Shilin Night Market2nd DayYangming Mountain (Shaoyukun, Hiking)Beitou Hot Spring (Outdoor Hot Spring Enjoying)Yeliu Geography Park3rd DayHigh Speed Rail: Taipei to Taichung (Sun Moon Lake)Taroko Gorge4th DayHSR: Sun Moon Lake (Taichung) to Ximending, (Shopping)Taipei to Taoyuan (Airport)What do you think? feasible or too ambitious?In any case, keep up the awesome work! :)Have a great day! Oh, and I will download the app when I get home tonight.Ron-PhilippinesRon

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