Close your eyes and listen to the temple’s song…

When I would talk to friends who had visited Asia I had always heard the same line, “There are so many temples! Once you have seen one, you’ve seen them all!”  I would have to agree as I felt much that way when travelling through Europe… After you visited five different churches, regardless what city you were in, you kind of got disinterested in visiting anymore.

  I haven’t gotten tired just yet of seeing temples here though, and what better temple to visit then Longshan Temple.  It is not only convenient to get to, since it has it’s own MRT stop (blue line), but it is also one of the oldest temples in Taipei.  Built in the mid 1700’s, it is one of the most frequented temples by both locals and travellers on a daily basis.  We of course, had decided to go on 228 Peace Memorial Day, (kind of like our Remembrance Day) and let me tell you, it was packed! (o_O);;

Walking up to the entrance, the streets were still lined with lanterns of all the animals of the Chinese zodiac.  Looking up, colourful dragons were perched upon the roof tops peeking over the flashing gates of the temple and bearing their vicious looking teeth.  I was told by my friend that if you are to have a dragon on your roof top, they are there to protect you from the thunder.  “Dragons enjoy eating fire,” she said, “there’s no need to worry about thunder hitting your home when a hungry dragon is on your roof!”

The courtyard of the temple was packed with people lining up to say prayers underneath large lanterns.  Numerous little rooms, inhabited by mighty looking statues of deities, were filled with visitors carrying joss sticks, bouquets of flowers and plates of food. 

Like some of the other foreigners I spotted, I took a seat and just admired the atmosphere around me… The smoke dancing in the air to the chanting of those that surrounded me…The smell of incense burning in the large golden cauldrons and red candles flickering in the dimly lit rooms… It is quite a sight to be able to visit these structures that have been in existence for hundreds of years.  If you do have the opportunity to visit any places in Taipei, try to have this spot on your list of what to see…

By the end of our visit, I had heard many people suggest visiting Snake Alley, which is apparently not too far of a walk from the temple… Of course, lately my feet can only take so much walking… I fear old age is setting in…*sighs*  It shall have to be a visit for next time, as I have heard many interesting things about what is sold in this area… Any suggestions on some hot items to look out for?  I am pretty adventurous, but how adventurous depends… (^_^);;;

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3 thoughts on “Close your eyes and listen to the temple’s song…

  1. Ah, Longshan temple. I couldn’t get enough of the temples in Taiwan. I personally couldn’t get sick of them, especially when you’re having a stressful day….it is always a plus to go to a temple and have a breather. :) I didn’t have time for snake alley but next time! Sorry, I cannot help you out there. :)

    You have a lovely blog, by the way. :)

    1. Eileen,
      Thank you for your post! It is true, I just felt so taken back when I went there.. Even though it was extremely packed with people everywhere, when I sat there, it felt refreshing and just calm.. I was reading through your blog and your pictures and stories are fantastic :) And I also read about you and your husbands story :) Quite similar to my bf and I >_< I do enjoy reading through your blog, thank you for sharing your art and words!

      1. Thank you so much for even bothering to go to my blog. xD That alone shocks me – when people even glance at it. hah.

        I think people can learn a lot from your blog, so I put it in my link section. I hope you don’t mind. :)

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