Come and take a stroll with me down this “old street”…

I must admit, being a Vancouverite, I have always been used to the whole, “what is the weather going to be like today?”  Not knowing whether to bring an umbrella, wear a heavy coat or slip on a pair of flats or boots?  The last few days here in Taipei have been much like this… It will be rainy and windy one minute and in the afternoon it will be extremely warm and sunny.  I still have yet to buy a proper warm coat… which might explain why I am currently sick! (-_-);;  Last Saturday, my friend and I decided to head to Sanxia and I figured a light coat would be good enough… Wrong! (-_-);  It was probably one of the windiest days I have encountered here, but I just kept telling myself, “suck it up! ”

To get to Sanxia, I hopped on the MRT (blue line) to Yongning (the very last stop) and met my friend at exit 2.  It didn’t take too long to get there as we hopped on the 916 bus and were there within 15min.  Sanxia or “Old Street”, was a commercial town that, at one point, was occupied by the Japanese when they ruled in Taiwan.  My friend explained, that a lot of the architecture in the town was influenced by their presence.  The town itself, was made anew when the Japanese decided to create a more modern feel to the town.  This meant upgrades to the streets, building structures and also improvement to the sewage systems.

On either side of the street are two arched walkways lined with shops selling candies, tea, soaps, and calligraphy brushes.  It’s tempting just to walk into the stores and admire the character of these buildings and how well maintained they still are inside and out.  At one point, there was a stairwell leading upstairs and my friend looked at me and asked, “ohh can we go up there?” Sure it was probably just a storage area, but we were curious to see what the upstairs looked like.  Surprisingly, my friend had mentioned that even now, some of the store owners not only work here, but they also reside in the living quarters upstairs in the buildings.

Nearing the end we headed back to a small square to pick up some quick street food, this time some stinky tofu!  It really didn’t stink that badly though, at least not as bad as some of the vendors I have passed since coming to Taiwan.  For the dare devils out there, try it! It does smell horrible, but it tastes pretty good! (>_<)  Unfortunately I really can’t explain the smell, but it is definitely noticeable…  The first time I could smell the aroma of it I thought, “What the heck is that?”  It didn’t smell like garbage or anything and not even of feet; but, trust me when you smell it you will know what I am talking about! (>_<)

  Keep in mind if you do visit Sanxia, there is more than one bus that heads there! When we headed back we decided to take a different route by walking over a bridge, which had food and game vendors along the way.  My friend urged me to play a game and I had no clue what I was supposed to do… It seemed similar to plinko but after I ran out of balls I sadly won nothing.  Meanwhile, the little girl beside me was going at it like crazy and won a huge doll.  Hmm… (@_@);;  Maybe I should’ve asked her for tips?  After my sad attempt to win a prize we continued walking and were finally nearing the streets.  Under the archway we went and we were back to reality looking for our bus to head back… What a great day. (^_^)

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