Hop on your scooter… We’re headed to Tainan!

Recently my friend had gone south to Tainan to house sit for her parents.  For a couple of days, I was invited to visit her and see her hometown for the first time.  I caught the HSR and an hour and 40 minutes later I was there!  As I got to the station, my friend informed me via text to hop on the free shuttle that headed downtown.  She lived near the third stop in Da-Lin; sadly I didn’t realize I had to press a buzzer to get off the bus and ended up 15 minutes away @_@;;;  It isn’t the first time I have done this in Taiwan (^_^) and luckily I was still able to find her Uncle who was picked me up!

My first thought of this city was that it had more of a neighbourhood feeling than Taipei. 

When I spoke with her Uncle and her Mother, both had suggested that it would be better to move to Tainan than to be living in Taipei.  Although the pay would be less, it was not as crowded and the people were a lot more friendly. It is quite true, people who would be sitting and having a coffee at the local cafes would randomly say, “nice to meet you!” My response was to look around and wonder, “Are they talking to me??”  The pace was also a lot slower than in Taipei as well, and it was nice to have my own space when walking around. (^_^)

One problem for me with Tainan is that it is a scooter loving city.  There is no MRT which makes it a bit difficult to get around.  There are some busses that run through the downtown area; however, my friend explained that a lot of the private bus companies that would start up usually ended up going bankrupt.  Yep, getting around is definitely difficult for me seeing that I don’t ride a scooter or drive a car (@_@);;;

 Aside from visiting my friend and her family I was able to get out and explore the surrounding area on my own. Seeing that my friend conveniently lived right by the Five Concubine Temple, I had no problems finding the scenic spots as there were numerous map posts to help tourists around. Note to anyone who visits, these maps become quite handy for those who get lost quite easily. I tend to find my way around alright. but if you aren’t good at reading maps there’s always many locals and a lot of foreigners willing to help lead you in the right direction!

If you are to read up on Tainan, you’ll learn that it is the oldest and first city of Taiwan.  The city is also well known for it’s ancient architecture and vast amount of temples or “miao”.  Some temples will be sitting right on the street corners and others will be hidden away in the narrow alleys within the city. I only wish that I could have spent more time getting lost in this ancient place, but I shall just have to wait until my next visit!

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