Like a little kid in the candy shop… Discovering Sophisca.

Although I have been living in the Ximen area for over three months now, it wasn’t until the other day that I came across this cute candy shop!  During Valentines, I had seen a line up that stretched out the door and down the street, but I never knew (or bothered to find out) what the place was at the time.  So why did I go into the store this time?  I have spent the last four days searching for a birthday gift for my Mother and Nanny, not to mention a Mother’s day gift as well!  The month of May is an overload of special occasions for me.  I find it difficult to buy gifts for those who have a tendency to buy things for themselves all the time… (@_@);;  So what do you buy someone who, you feel, has everything? Oy… Although I am still on the search of a great gift, I am glad I stopped into the candy shop because it definitely gave me great ideas for future gifts!

Sophisca opened in 1997 and is full of uniquely packaged candy and chocolate gift ideas all especially made in Taiwan.  They also have numerous international candy treats and you can find multiple locations throughout Taiwan.  From personalized chocolate gifts to novelty treats, you’ll probably be just as surprised as I was with the different packaged items available.  For the guys, instead of buying her flowers, buy a candy bouquet with a little stuffed bear peeking out to say hello! (>_<)

I picked up a box of individually wrapped mint squares and, as a cute joke to my sister, marshmallow maxi pads.   They also have wasabi flavoured chocolate, which I really don’t think I will be brave enough to try… (@_@);;  Seeing that I have a graduation and two birthdays coming up next month, I am sure I will be visiting again soon.  What better gift to give than a box of cute chocolates made right here in Taiwan! (^_^)



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