Motivation.. The struggle is real!

It would be crazy to think that I am the only one that has a hard time getting the motivation mojo going but, I am sure I am not.   Honestly, there will be times when I am consistently moving, stretching, or running daily and the moment I become sick or over do it, I end up taking it easy and have the hardest time getting back into the routine again.

Lately, I have been rehabilitating and strengthening my knee.  Oddly enough, the whole process in the last few weeks has motivated me to get stronger and be more mindful of listening to my body.  I have completed 8 runs this year, 3 5kms, 4 10kms and 1 half marathon.  I had to opt out of three runs because of my knee which had more made me feel so disappointed with myself but at the end of the day, it was the right decision to make.  You can’t push yourself, and if you do.. It may prolong your injuries.

In the meantime, when taking it easy on my runs, I always know that I can fall back on my mat for a little yoga. While running seems to allow me to take in the surroundings around me, it’s  my yoga practice that allows me to relax and just zone out.  Those crazy headaches and the stress of work melt away when I am on my mat.  Two very different communities but both supportive for me in their own ways.

In the last three races I have completed, they have made me feel so proud of myself.  I am always in awe of runners that spend every waking moment running distances that I can only imagine to run but, it’s also thru these runners that I know someday, I will get there.  Maybe not as intense, but I will get there.

I was recently told by friends and family that they are inspired by me.  It is odd for me to think that I could be an inspiration to someone else but at the same time in knowing this, it makes me strive to better myself everyday.

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