Needing a helping hand… Literally.

A few posts ago, I had talked about motivation and how hard it is to get back into routine when you have fallen ill or just needed to recover from any injuries that you may have succumbed.  Who knew that a few weeks later, I would be back on that wagon again rehabbing a different injury(?) and trying to keep that motivation mojo going.

 A couple weeks ago, I had awoken to an immobile right arm.  While it was only numb and “dead” for around five minutes, it was enough to cause my arm to become very weak.  After venturing to the hospital, taking tests and finding out that they weren’t sure what was wrong,  I was later scheduled with a neurologist and found out that I have Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.  It made me feel quite silly having to go to a neurologist to find that out that it wasn’t anything too serious.  I know, a stupid thought because who knows what it could’ve been but sometimes, that is just how I tend to think. (-_-);;

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome in a nutshell is basically my shoulder, neck, chest and back causing so much compression that blood flow and circulation is lacking in my right arm.  Hence the reason my arm has been very weak when trying to do yoga, or any exercises.  I have come to find that writing is difficult and even typing feels awkward.  When I have been going on my runs, my arm goes numb, which has occurred before but now it is more frequently.  So back to my Physiotherapist I go for new exercises.

I find that not being able to do as much is hard for me.. I am the type of person that likes to keep going and even though I am still going and what not, it just isn’t as fast paced as I would like which leaves me feeling bored.  In the meantime, I do my exercises, get in some light runs, and decided to try an IG yoga challenge.

I generally have a hard time doing challenges.  I think the biggest problem is keeping up everyday and also not knowing if I am doing the pose correctly.  I also dislike taking photos of myself mostly because I feel very self conscious sharing what I am practicing.  Worried that my posture is off or it doesn’t look right but, I have decided that if I don’t post, I won’t get criticism back to help me.

 A couple poses that, before seemed so simple, are so difficult right now.  Attempting the forearm stand or completing the wheel pose took so much strength that it exhausted me right away.  Half the time, even pushing my self up was so tedious.  It is interesting how a person can go from being active one minute and then a bit of the opposite the next.  My goal right now is to stay focused, don’t lose sight of my motivation and getting back, if not better, than I was before.  Hopefully I will get there soon.

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