Note to self: To have a delicious dinner you should be a good shrimper!

On several occasions since our arrival, a few people had mentioned about the places to go shrimping.  I had never been, and nor had I heard about this activity until coming to Taiwan.  It was a hot day and since a friend was visiting, it was decided that we have a big lunch and head off…  The big lunch may have been too big, as it consisted of hot pot (with shrimp), and a whole lot of barbequed shrimp.  Although we were ‘shrimped’ out, we didn’t let this stop us from going!

There are shrimp farms located everywhere in Taipei and New Taipei County, however we ended up heading to the Dazi area.  Along one road, we passed by numerous shrimp and sturgeon farms until we found the perfect place.  It was 500 NT for two hours and we were given bait and a rod.  After the gentlemen helped me get my rod and bait ready, I dropped my line in and within five minutes I was the first to get a bite!  As another half an hour passed I watched as the others kept pulling in their fourth or fifth one…  I stared intensely into the water, with my rod in one hand and a cold beer in the other, waiting for the next one to bite…  I pulled in my line, switched spots and changed the bait I was using, but nope… Still no bites.  Much like fishing, you definitely have to be patient when doing this.

After an hour, the workers started to through more shrimp into the two pools.  As I saw all the shrimp being thrown in I thought to myself, “ok now I will be able to catch up!”, but there were still no bites…  It was finally down to the last minute and by then everyone had at least seven or eight in their nets.  I looked into my net and there was still the lone shrimp all by himself with no friends.   I looked at the clock and realized that my time was up.  It was then I had decided to throw in the towel when low and behold as I pulled my line in, I was the last person to get a shrimp!  WOO HOO!  In the end I realized three things:

1)  I really don’t have a knack for catching shrimp and may have to practice more.
2)  It’s also best that there were three other people fishing with me because I probably would’ve still been hungry after eating a two shrimp dinner.
3)  It was a pretty fun activity to try and I would definitely go again.

After combining all of our shrimp together we were ready to cook our catches!  There were BBQ’s set up where you could cook them your self with a little salt, or you could aslo get it steamed and cooked with hot spices, which is what we choose to do.  There was a huge menu of great food available to go a long with your shrimp.  I think after all of the delicious veggie and shrimp dishes that night along with the shrimp from lunch, I was not going to be eating shrimp for a while. (>_<);;; If you were feeling a little lucky, there was also a sausage vendor outside with a bowl full of dice willing to gamble with customers and the winnings, of course, were sausages. Unfortunately, we were not so lucky and ended up buying a few sausages wrapped in rice instead. (^_^)

There are apparently quite a few locations around the Taipei area, the shrimp farm we visited was not too far from the National Palace Museum along Zhishan Rd. and there were many to choose from.  If you are interested in doing something different, heading to a shrimp farm is definitely a laid back and relaxing experience to try.


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