Oh Italia! How I miss you so…

I am an avid book reader and you could call me a nerd and I really wouldn’t be offended! Since arriving to Taipei, however, I decided not to bring any books just to keep the luggage weight low… I was already having to pack, “Catching Fire” and “Mockingjay” for Mr. S and those books were NOT light in my carry on! So, one night I pulled out my trusty laptop and started searching for book stores in Taipei.  I was told in places like Thailand, finding a used book store was quite easy considering many travellers buy and trade books frequently. Here in Taipei, I had read that there were some, but you really have to look for them. I took the easy route and just popped into an Eslite, the equivalent to our Chapters, and searched through there selection.  Let me tell you! The selection is quite sad (T_T);;, but I did come across a book by Anne Fortier, called, “Juliet”.

First off, what I love most about this book is that it is set in Italy, which is one of my favourite places I have ever visited… Since I don’t want to ruin the storyline for you, I think the perfect description of the book came from Publishers Weekly (starred review), describing it as, “[A] love story that reads like a Da Vinci Code for the smart modern woman.” Yes, it is a love story, but seriously… who doesn’t love a little Italian amore! (>_<)

Below is a video trailer also found on the Juliet website.


The story follows a courageous young woman named Gulietta, through Siena in search of figuring out the secrets of her past. She learns the truth about, a story that millions of people believed to be fiction, the dangers of a dark curse and the soul mate she is meant to find. What you may find shocking is the very clever twist near the end that blew me away. Of course, I could just be a bit slow when it comes to figuring things out! \(^_^)/  No worries! I won’t tell you that Romeo dies… or that in this lifetime, Juliet just isn’t feelin’ it with Romeo, but I will say that it is definitely a good read.

Did I cry? Hmm.. considering I cried in “A Walk to Remember” , what do you think? I am not entirely sure whether or not the paperback is available in North America. Personally, I have always preferred buying the paperback versions to hard cover just because it’s easier to carry around. Either way, if your looking for a good romantic story or even a quick read, pick it up! You may not be as emotionally teary as me, but I am sure you’ll enjoy it just as much. (^_^)

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