Pandas, monkeys, and bears… oh my!

We finally visited theTaipei Zoo!  For those of you who decide to visit, you’ll be glad to know that it has its own MRT stop! Very convenient! 

For some odd reason that day it seemed a lot more chilly than usual.  It was a good thing I wore a sweater, but would’ve been better if I wore a light jacket.  For a Saturday, it was quite empty and there was no line up; however, if you do come during the busier season keep in mind you can by-pass the line by paying with your easy card!  The admission for the park was only 60NT, (which is the equivalent to $2.00 CDN) pretty reasonable if you ask me.  ^_^

A little history of the park itself…  It was purchased and owned privately by a Japanese gentlemen in 1914, when Taiwan was under Japanese rule.

 It wasn’t until after WWII when the R.O.C. retreated to Taiwan and park ownership was passed onto the Taipei city government.  The original park itself was closed in 1973, as it was decided that the zoo was in need of a major expansion.  The park finally re-opened in 1987 and became the famous Taipei zoo it is today!

I think during our visit I was more excited to visit the giant pandas! >_< There are two pandas that live at the Taipei zoo, Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan, who were both gifts from China in 2008.   

We were told that the panda exhibit could get quite busy and may even have large line ups when visiting; however, being that it was the New Year holiday, there was hardly any people at the zoo at all.  Although there is a lot to see, I don’t think one would necessarily need the whole day to spend time there.  The park opens from 9am-5pm, we arrived around 3pm and were able to see most of the park.  We did skip the insectariums, (as I hate bugs) and the nocturnal animals I feel I could’ve lived without seeing. ^_^;;

All in all, it was a great way to spend the day, especially if you like to visit zoo’s!  If you get hungry they also have a few food vendors, 7-11, McDonalds, and a HUGE steak house down the road; which we thought was rather interesting to have right by a zoo…

For more information please visit:
Taipei Zoo official site

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