Surf’s up in Kenting! Well, maybe if you had a real scooter…

We had been told by a lot of friends that Kenting was definitely the place to visit for some relaxation and fun in the sun.  The bus trip from Kaohsiung was about an hour and a half, maybe a little longer, we ended up just napping along the way.  There were a lot of little towns on the main road, along the way, lined with shops, hotels and restaurants, but once we got to where we needed to be the town was literally a 20 minute walk from one end to the other.  There were a lot of tourists that were visiting this small beach town, and I found a lot more people spoke English here than in Taipei.  Many hotels had that Greek or Hawaiian theme going on, ours was…  Well a mix of Greek, and perhaps some aboriginal artwork with teddy bears thrown in for a little cuteness.

Once we were settled in, we figured why not check the place out!  To our surprise a lot of stores were closed, and some restaurants looked empty.  We ended up grabbing a bite to eat at Amy’s Cucina.  There are a lot of great restaurants and pubs in Kenting, but this restaurant had really great pizza, and I really loved the atmosphere. If you have ever visited Vancouver, it reminded me a lot like the great restaurants on Main or Commercial street. (^_^)  I am sure others would also agree that nothing is better than sitting on a patio with a cold beer on a hot sunny afternoon… Yeah… 

When the sun started to set, the food vendors started to set up around 5:30pm, and the town started to come to life.  I am not sure where all the people came from, obviously from neighbouring towns, but there were people everywhere!  There was so much food available, but we figured we might as well try the fresh seafood while we’re here!  We ordered clams, prawns, salmon sashimi and a Taiwanese cabbage dish.  I felt so stuffed and yet, I was still able to fit in some green tea ice cream and deep fried sweet potato balls… (>_<)

The next morning we figured after eating all that food, we might as well work some of it off by going for a walk or something… We decided to rent a scooter to go sightseeing…  The only problem with this was that when renting a real scooter, you would need a Taiwanese license.  Unfortunately, our home license wasn’t enough, but we were able to rent an electric scooter.  So, off we rode to Eluanbi Park at speeds of 37km/h…  We were really burning rubber!  Ok, maybe not, but we were still going somewhere!  The park was filled with tourists and a field trip of, I would have to say, 80-100 students… It was crazy busy.  Sadly, the lighthouse was closed off because there was a couple photographing their wedding pictures, but we still got to take some great pics!  Did we really get a work out though?  Nah, not really because we just ended up eating again that night! (@_@)

Our last full day, I suggested that we ride through the Kenting National Forest Recreation Park.  It was right down the street and biking on a nice day would be good!  So off we went…  Little did I know that we would be riding up the side of a mountain!  Six breaks, two bottles of water, and an hour and a half later, we finally made it to the top.  What was the first things we did?  Bought a beer and guzzled it down…  Stupid me, I wore a dress that wasn’t breathable in the heat and was definitely not good when riding a bike at high speeds.  When we entered the park, we paid 150NT (5.30CDN) and had to sign a waiver.  Apparently there were wild monkey’s, poisonous snakes and plants and centipedes to steer clear of.  Meh, no worries!  We signed the waivers and were on our way.

To walk around the park would take awhile, atleast 70-80 minutes according to the map provided.  It was nice to go in the afternoon since it wasn’t as hot, but the downside was that the mosquitoes had started to come out and I forgot the bug repellent… (@_@) I have to say that my favourite parts of the park were:

1) The caves, which would be quite eerie if you were to explore them alone…  While walking through the Silver Dragon cave, it had received its name because of the scale looking walls inside!  As we were taking photos with the flash we realized looking up there were bats sleeping (@_@) I quickly scooted by underneath, trying not to step in bat poop and hoping that I wouldn’t get pooped on! (^_^)

2) The viewing tower, which had a spectacular 360 degree view of the area… It was really amazing to see how green and lush the area really was!  It was literally a never ending sea of greenery…  And the view of the beaches meeting the ocean waves was beautiful, especially with the sun slowly making its way down…We just happened to be lucky and got there 10 minutes before closing time! *phew*

3) Being able to see the monkeys in their natural habitat.  Yea, this did not go too well…  I was really looking forward to seeing the monkeys and taking pictures of them, but when we were walking along the trail we realized we were suddenly alone.  It was getting dark and I could hear these noises in the trees…  I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty freaked out and figured they would attack me or something.  (@_@);;;  Anyways, long story short, my imagination got the best of me and we fled the park. (T_T);;;

Visiting the south was definitely a way to wind down and relax in comparison to Taipei… The moment we hopped on that HSR and got back to Taipei Main Station it was, of course, crazy busy…  Ah well, back to the fast life!

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