The 7-11 on this corner and that corner…

I am sure that everyone, like me, has ventured off to their local 7-11 to grab a snack. Maybe when it was midnight and nothing else was open, you went to grab some candy, or a hot dog. During the summer, you might have dropped by on a hot sunny day to refresh yourself with a big gulp. In North America, 7-11 is just a place to grab a quick snack or to get your monthly bus pass; but here in Taiwan, 7-11 brings a whole different meaning to the word, “convenient”.

I had been told by a couple people and never believed it, but people really do venture out in their pyjamas to pick up a meal at midnight at 7-11. You’re probably thinking well, what is so different about that? It’s just a snack? Oh ho ho! Not only are their snacks but a selection of meals from curry with rice to deep fried pork cutlets with noodles. Perhaps you might want a sandwich, but not your typical ham and cheese… Maybe an egg, lettuce, mayo, ham and bologna sandwich… *drools* Or perhaps you want a simmered tea egg, a corn filled hot dog, or a pork filled bun. No? Maybe a baked yam? The list goes on of the delicious food offered at the local 7-11. Yes, this convenient little shop was our saviour for the first three weeks when we didn’t know how to order at a restaurant. And not only was the food convenient, but the location was too. Driving to our home in Xindian, along one road we passed four 7-11 locations… Holy tolito! @_@;;;

Cute commercial celebrating 30 years of 7-11!

Food and beverages are not the only things available; however, you can also pay your bills, get more minutes for your phone, PURCHASE a 7-11 mobile phone, buy 7-11 clothes (you never know when you might need a fresh shirt), buy postage stamps, and also pay your parking tickets all at one stop. It is definitely your one stop shop!
What are my favourite things to buy at 7-11? The yogurt and fruit cups, flan cups (thanks Wendy!), pork buns, and cold coffees… (-_-);;; I can guarantee you that while you’re visiting Taiwan and if you are having the munchies at 3am, you’ll definitely be thanking heaven for 7-11! (>_<)

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