The Red House in my backyard…

We finally moved to our apartment in the Wanhua district! Slowly but surely our place is feeling like our own ^_^ The benefits of this new area we’re in is that we have everything happening just outside our front door.  Living in Ximendeng has it’s perks, for example, access to numerous clothing stores, karaoke bars, restaurants, and cinemas; but my favourite place to visit, that is very close by, is The Red House.

When exiting the MRT (exit 6 or 1) your eyes will be mesmerized by the flashing advertisements and entertainers that grace the squares; and from the corner of your eye on your left, there it will stand.  Amid the crowds and modern day architectural clutter, this old brick building invites you to learn about how, even in the past, this neighbourhood was quite an entertainment gathering for visitors of all ages.  The original Red House was built in 1908 and was not only a entertainment space for locals, but Japanese visitors also frequented the bustling public market.  For over 100 years, this spot has promoted arts in all forms from western cinema to Chinese opera; and today it showcases the creative work of local artists in Taiwan.

On weekends, take the opportunity to walk through the north square, which will be filled with art kiosks.  A lover of all things creative, I admire a lot of the work that is put into many of the knick knacks that are sold here. 

 If the weather is right, and not too hot, there are many things to do on an afternoon here at The Red House:
1) Take the opportunity to browse through the creative boutique (open daily)
2) Learn about the history of the building in the octagon building
3) Enjoy a cup of tea in the Red House Tea Shop or…
4) Grab a bite to eat at one of many outside restaurants in the South Square.
If you’re lucky, there may also be a concert showing in the North Square or entertainers that set up shop right at the entrance of the building area.

** On a side note, while enjoying a beer one night with a new friend, we had started a discussion  about ghosts.  Friends will know that I am a coward when watching scary movies, but ghosts in real life? Nah! >_<  He continued to tell me that The Red House that exists today is, in fact, a reconstruction of the original building that burned down in 2000.  If you ever decide to go visit, and you are a firm believer of ghosts existing, then steer clear of the men’s washroom (in the creative boutique) as it is said to be haunted at night time.  Do you believe in ghosts??? Yeee!…. @_@;;


For more information on the Red House:
Red House official site


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