The wandering buskers of Taipei…

You’ll find in Ximending there are a lot of street entertainers in many of the open squares.  Some will be singing along to a karaoke box, others will be rapping in Mandarin and there are those performers that are doing acrobatics or bustin’ a move.  There are some pretty talented singers and then there are those who should really think twice before they quit there day job… Unless performing is there career, then they’re in trouble! (@_@);;;

One night as I was walking home from the MRT, there was a huge crowd gathered and taking pictures of a random performance.  Curious, I figured I would squeeze in and see what all the fuss was about.  There were two guys, old school rap music, and an old school cassette boom box that you could not hear at all… One guy stood, ready to bust out, perhaps do a break dance move, and the other guy was rewinding and fast forwarding trying to find the right song… The crowd stood there waiting for something exciting to happen, but after 10 minutes of waiting and waiting nothing happened… The only movement that happened was a hat trick that went wrong and a whole lot of swaggering… other than that it was a complete disappointment. (-_-);;;

Despite these bad apples, not all performers are that bad.  On two occasions I have recently had the opportunity to come across a Japanese Duo named, Nanane.  Right now the two girls have travelled from Japan and are doing street performances here in Taipei.  When I first sat and listened to them, the first bands that came to mind were Meg & Dia and Puffy Ami Yumi.  They have a very indie rock sound to them and although they have only two singles available on CD, I think they have a lot of potential.  When you have the time check their singles out on their myspace page! (be aware that all their sites are in Japanese and may need to be translated).

For more information on this duo:
Nanane official site
Nanane Myspace
Nanane Facebook fan page

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