Think pink! Recap of the Run for the Cure.


This last Sunday I had attended the CIBC Run for the Cure along with my sister.  I have actually participated in this run for quite a few years now but, I found this year to be quite memorable.  I am super proud of my sister who has decided to start incorporating more runs into her exercises.  Now she is not an avid runner, however; I am proud that she is taking the time to work toward her goals.

We arrived quite early to check out the atmosphere and sights.  Pink tutu’s, boa’s, and pink knee high socks all around.. I would have to say, the most exciting part was watching the survivors marching towards the stage with their flowers in hand and all I could think of was how amazing they are to be running or walking this run with huge smiles.

We were quite lucky to have such an amazing day, all sun and bright blue skies.  The run itself was quite flat and while the roads were a bit congested at certain points, it didn’t stop me from taking in the surroundings.  I have found lately, during my runs I haven’t bothered wearing ear phones. 

1)  It helps me keep track and control of my breathing.

2)  I seem to really enjoy my runs more when I listen to the people around me and hear the supporters yelling and     waving their signs.  Kind of gets the motivation vibes goin!

I didn’t get a PB but it didn’t stop me from having a fantastic day and when my sister had told me how she had jogged 2.5km, I was super happy for her.  I am glad to take part in her journey and I can honestly say, I am looking forward to the next couple races coming up! ^_^



CIBC Run for the Cure

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