Tricky trails with a finish line treat ~ MEC Northshore Series Run

At the beginning of the year, I had signed up for the MEC Northshore series with a couple friends.  The series consisted of five trail races throughout the Northshore which was pretty exciting for me because I have never done a trail run before and I don’t get to frequent the Northshore.  The idea of running thru some new surroundings certainly peaked my interest!

There were five runs in total, which two of the five I had to opt out of due to my knee however; the runs I did complete were absolutely amazing.  Some trails were difficult as I am so used to running flat with the odd hills, but the challenge and experience was totally worth it.  Add in a little forest, trees, rushing water and nature, and you have yourself quite the sights and views during your runs.

My last run on Halloween was only 10km.  I was actually supposed to do the 16km but with the issues I had been having throughout the year, I had decided to change the distance.  Of all the runs I have completed this year, this run for me, was the most difficult run I have ever completed.  I have never had the feeling of giving up, having my body feel utterly exhausted and had the mindset of, “please let those cow bells ringing be the end”.  I am not sure if it was just the frustration of getting turned around twice on the route or running an extra 2km at the end because I stupidly missed the turn to head to the finish line but I just was miserable.  There were points where I even felt so defeated because I swear, I must’ve been the last person in the 10km group to finish.  ( -_- );;;

Despite all of the frustration, in hindsight thinking about it, it was still an experience none the less and at the end of the day, I didn’t give up.  I couldn’t really, I had already gone so far that I could really only move forward.  To give up would have been more disappointing and I know that I would’ve regretted it that I didn’t push my self to finish.  Even if that meant walking, which I did (damn hills) or crawling (which I didn’t ^_^),  I needed to get to that finish.  Let me tell you though, when I saw that finish line… Crossing it was so satisfying because I know how damn hard it was to get there.  As miserable as I felt during the run, sometimes it’s runs like this that remind you that “hell yes, you can do it!”


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