Turkey Trottin’ in Granville Island ~

Last Sunday, like may other runners, I braved the down pour and ran 10km on another fantastic route in Vancouver. It has been a long time since I ventured down to Granville Island so it was nice for the change in scenery!  It was a bit cold in the early morning when I had arrived and many people were taking cover inside.  I had decided to wear just a jacket, my Tiux shirt and shorts as I figured it would most likely warm up along the run.. post run was another story.

There were some fantastic costumes out there! I was quite surprised and while I had only heard about this race a couple months ago, it’s organized by the Vancouver International Marathon society and is in it’s 18th year!  When reading about how this society looks at the importance of community, that feeling of community was everywhere during this event. Whether it be the runners that may know each other, the volunteers who would be standing in the rain cheering, or when a runner would fall  fellow runners would stop to make sure she was okay.  That feeling and support was definitely all around.  The other amazing thing about this event is that it also supports the Greater Vancouver Food Bank as well as the Granville Island Arts Umbrella.  Bringing community together and helping to give back to the community! ^_^

The rain didn’t bring down anyone’s spirits, in fact for me, I found the run in the rain quite soothing.  While I have run in the heat, rain and snow,  I have always found that my runs in the rain are the most relaxing.  During this run, I was able to just keep on going without stopping or feeling exhausted and it was actually quite refreshing.  The last 2km of the run, I could tell that my right knee was starting to ache, my hip was getting tight causing my knee to turn inwards… This is a constant battle I have been having and trying to rehabilitate but, I still kept going.

In the end, I didn’t get to stay for the after race festivities and when I later cooled down, I found myself to be absolutely soaked and freezing.  The more I walked around after the race, the more the inside of my arches on my foot, had chafed badly :( I am unsure if it was because of my socks, or because I had decided to wear my Nike free’s which was probably not the smartest idea.

For recovery I wore my compression socks thru the evening over Turkey dinner with friends, iced my knee and foam rolled the crap out of, well,  everything! ^^

All in all when you have running, post beers and a Turkey dinner, what more could a gal ask for!

Thanksgiving Turkey Trot – Vancouver

Run Van

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