Warp speed up Taipei 101…

  After two tries of going to Taipei 101 and being told by the ticket services that the view was not good due to weather, our third time was a charm! We did make a decision however, that even if we were told the weather wasn’t good enough to look out, that we would still head up. Unfortunately the 91st floor, to go outside, was closed because it was too windy that day, but we didn’t mind. (>_<)

We waited about 15 minutes and there it was… the elevator that would shoot us up to the 89th floor in approximately 45 seconds.

  Thinking about how fast that is, is mind boggling really, but I guess that’s advanced technology for you. We were all packed into the elevator like sardines and up we went! The floors kept moving faster by the second on the screen, and up we went. The lights dimmed, stars were shining above us on the ceiling and the seconds kept rising as we shot to the top. It was a weirder experience going down just because my ears had that popping feeling you get when you are ascending on an airplane.  Perhaps if your ears are quite sensitive maybe chew some gum? Once we got to our destined floor, the elevator doors opened, another set of glass doors opened and we were greeted as we entered the open space.

The floor was dimly lit in areas away from the windows, so taking pictures by the windows made it quite difficult because of the lighting… Or I just have a really crappy camera…(@_@); When you pay for your tickets before going up, you do have a little coupon that allows you to use their audio equipment for free. 

  It’s quite good because it explains a little about the structure while following numbered columns. The audio guide also discussesd specific sites that can be viewed from all sides of the building and interactive menus are also available at your fingertips. While viewing Taipei from different angles inside the building, it is interesting how small this city really is. Before I had left, I remember talking to my Uncle and Dad about how small the island of Taiwan was. The island itself is a little larger than Vancouver Island, yet the population is six times more than British Columbia’s… It’s a bit crowded, but you get used to it. Personally, when I am wandering within the city, with the colourful lights, the towering buildings, and the lively vibe of people, this place feel so much bigger.

After an hour, it started to get a bit more packed with more tour groups. So we decided to grab an ice cream, look around a bit more and then get going. Steve decided on Barack Obama brownie, and I got raspberry sorbet! It’s always refreshing to end any great visit with a really good cup of ice cream. (^_^) While leaving we were able to browse through the shopping area that sold lots of gorgeous coral jewellery. Sadly it was too expensive for me to buy anything… *sniff* Next time!

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