“We’re a long way from home Toto!” – Evening in the Emerald Peaks…

The same day we had ventured to theTaipei zoo, we had decided to take the Maokong gondola.  It actually worked out quite perfect since the zoo closed at 5pm, and the gondola didn’t close until10pm! >_<   Much like the zoo, visitors are able to use their easy card to pay for their tickets!  There are three stations in total going up and each station will be a different price.  For a roundtrip right from the bottom the cost was 100 NT (3.30 CDN); which again, makes for a reasonable excursion.  If you are daring enough, there are two types of gondolas:
1) The regular gondolas that are easy for people, like me, who are slightly afraid of heights or…
2) The glass bottom gondolas for the more daring folk!
Keep in mind however, that for the glass bottom gondolas there may be a longer line up.  For us, we would have had to wait 30min. and this was on a slow day.

I am normally not that scared when I go on a gondola, but it was a bit windy that day and I swear it was shaking just a little.  The journey on the way up took approximately 35min. and the views were spectacular! 

Not only did we get an amazing view of the city, but the surrounding mountains expanded for what seemed like forever.  Although the mountains here in Taiwan are much more lush and green, they are a nice reminder of home.  Being that this is their winter season, it was a bit chilly that day and I only wore a light sweater.  (-_-);;   A friendly note for those of you who do decide to travel during this time, it can get quite chilly… So remember to bring a warm jacket!!

On the top of the mountain it was extremely windy and raining a tiny bit!  Not really rainy to a Vancouverite’s standards though! ^_^  Tea houses are in abundance up top as the area has been preserved as a tea plantation.  Being that we went at night, you’ll also be able to see many temples that light up the mountainside.  For those of you that go during the day time, there is said to be great hiking trails to be explored! Or if you are like us, you’ll find a good little tea house, seek out a comfy spot with a cup of tea and take in the amazing views of this magical place.

For more information, please visit here:
Maokong Gondola official site

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